Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Opening of Paseo West Community Garden

The Spring Launch event for the Paseo West Community Garden will be on Saturday, April 27th from 12-3:30pm at the community garden on the corner of 8th and Troost. It will be a beautiful day for the people of Grow Paseo, Hope Faith Ministries, and the Kansas City community! At this event we will begin our planting adventure and get the garden functioning. To mark this special occasion we are inviting a few local bands and local businesses to donate their time, talents, and treasures. The local restaurants involved will set up booths and be serving free samples throughout the day's events. We will also have raffles and prizes! The kids who will have been taking cooking classes through the garden's programs, will be showcasing their newest skills to the community in hope of encouraging healthy living.

This will be a joyous celebration commencing a fresh and hopeful start in the Paseo West community. Please come and be a part of this wonderful day! Details of the day's events coming to you soon.

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