Sunday, February 24, 2013


Welcome to the Pryor Leadership Class of 2013 project blog! We are excited to keep the blogging world updated on the progress of the legacy project we have chosen for the Spring semester.

We have come up with a dream to put in place a community garden in the West Paseo neighborhood of Kansas City, a place overrun with high crime rates and a big homeless population. The surrounding neighborhoods remain lifeless, and community members have lost sight of what it's like to dream again. We partnered up with a homeless shelter on Virginia Avenue called Hope Faith Ministries that has been given land on the corner of 8th and Troost to expand their outreach efforts. They believe in our Pryor Leadership team and have graciously handed over their land to us to help make this dream come true. We as a class believe that bringing this area to life through beautification and planting seeds of reconciliation and hope will drive out the darkness that has been lingering for far too long.

We hit the ground running in early February with assigning committees, forming partnerships, casting a deeper vision, and getting community members on board with our movement. The work load has increased quickly, but we are excited to see this vision come to life. Join us as we update the public on our project endeavors this semester. We look forward to connecting with all those interested in our movement. Thanks for stopping by!

Grace and Peace,
Victoria Litardo
Pryor Fellow '13

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